Toubiao - Buyer's Guide

Toubiao allows government agencies, development institutions, and other large purchasers to announce procurement opportunities on the web at no cost. Submission of these announcements is done directly on our website through the use of standard forms. This is a faster and more cost-effective method of advertising than publishing announcements in newspapers. It also increases the transparency in advertising since these announcements will be available to suppliers all over the world at the same time.


Registering a new buyer

A buyer is a purchasing agency that can be a development agency, a governmental agency, a public or a private company. Each buyer can have a parent buyer and child buyers, thus reflecting internal organizational structure of purchasing agencies (for example, a ministry can have its departments registered as child buyers).

To publish your procurement opportunities on our site, your agency has first to be approved to obtain publication rights.

First you need to register yourself as a user on our website here. Registration is free.

Then go to this page and follow the instructions to submit a request. A buyer registration request form which includes detailed description of your agency and the contact information. To facilitate approval of you request and to confirm that you would like to publish your procurement opportunities on our site, please also send an e-mail to:

Once we receive a request and an e-mail from you we will be able to proceed to the approval of your purchasing agency in our system. You will receive an automatic email once your agency has been approved.



To access the list of buyers on which you have administrative or editorial rights, click 发布招标信息 in 实用工具 menu.Once you navigate to the page of a buyer, you can click '编辑买方机构简介' to verify the information for your purchasing agency and make changes as required.

To grant editorial or administrative permission to your colleagues so that they might be able to enter procurement notices for publishing on dgMarket, click on '用户管理'. Please note that you will only be able to grant permissions only to users already registered in our database. Your colleagues can register for free here.

There are two different types of permissions you can grant to your staff for your agency:


Procurement notices

You may add as many procurement notices as necessary. One procurement package (made up of one or several lots containing one or several items), with a specific deadline, should generate one procurement notice. While publishing a notice:

  1. You will have to provide a minimum of data about the notice to be published, including its type and the procurement codes of the items to be procured (achieved easily through a user friendly code selector which uses CPV classification). If you are not familiar with the CPV classification, you will find information about it at
    CPV codes allow us to notify registered suppliers with matching business profiles from over 150 countries by e-mail once your notice is published. They also allow us to show them an abstract of your notices in their chosen language (17 languages available).
  2. You will need to paste the legal text of the notice to be published into the form.
  3. You can also attach bidding document to the notice.

Types of Notices

In our database there are several different types of procurement notices. Notice type is determined by what is procured and by the contract awarding procedure. These are the most common types of notices:


Adding a notice

Once a user has the appropriate permissions, it is easy to publish a notice. Navigate to the page of the respective buyer, then:

  1. Click on '添加招标信息公告' link.
  2. Select the language, the country, the notice type, the contract name and number, the minimum qualification criteria and eligibility of bidders (if applicable), complete the deadline information, fill the contact information and paste the text of the notice in the field underneath. Then click '保存并继续'.
  3. Select the CPV code(s) corresponding to the products, works or services to be procured, and click '继续'.
  4. Preview and publish the notice.

Notices entered by buyer administrators will be immediately published.

For buyers that represent projects of international development banks, notices entered by editors have to be approved first by administrators who receive an automatic email to review and publish notices. For all other types of buyers notices entered by editors will be published immediately.

Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for a new notice to become fully searchable by suppliers on Toubiao.

Our system allows publication of the same notice in different languages. You need to select the default (main) language while adding a notice. You can add a translation to an existing notice later, by going to the notice page and clicking <Translate> link at the notice title.


Managing notices

Depending on its current status, a notice can be edited, published, hidden, or rejected. Also, a draft of a published notice can be created and then published instead of the previous version of this notice. Administrators can manage procurement notices by going to a page of the respective buyer and selecting appropriate actions in the list of notices.


For further assistance please contact us at