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Toubiao is an electronic marketplace for government procurement information such as tender notices, contract awards, and bidding documents.

With Toubiao, you can:



Registration is free. You can register here.

To complete the registration, please fill out the form and submit it. You can also choose on that page the language which you want to receive your e-mail alerts in. Once you have submitted your registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail that you have successfully registered on the Toubiao website. Please make sure that you do not forget your password and that it is not available to others.

If you previously registered on one of the sites powered by dgMarket, or on the DGMarket site (, you do not need to register again. Instead, please use your registered e-mail and password to log in to this site.


Forgotten password

If you forgot your password, click here to have it reset. You will receive an email at the electronic address you registered with on the site. You will be prompted to click on the link included in the email to create another password. After submitting your request you will be able to log in immediately again.


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E-mail alerts

To receive e-mail alerts you must first register with Toubiao.

This will allow you to be notified by e-mail for free whenever tender opportunities matching your business profile are published on Toubiao.

Each user is responsible for setting up personal e-mail alerts. To set up your e-mail alert profile, please start here. You will be able to select the countries and funding organizations for which you want to receive alerts. Next, on the search results pages you will be able to specify the product or service categories which interest you the most.

We classify all notices using Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) categories so that you can obtain more targeted and precise alerts. If you are not familiar with the CPV classification, you will find information about it at

You can extend of narrow down the scope of search results by navigating the hierarchy of CPV categories. Once you are satisfied with a result page, click '设定 电邮提醒' link on this page. We will alert you once we publish a new procurement notice that falls under the same search criteria.

You can define as many e-mail alerts as you need.


Types of Notices

In our database there are several different types of procurement notices. Notice type is determined by what is procured and by the contract awarding procedure. These are the most common types of notices:


Paid Subscription

If you want to access the full text to obtain the contact information and the details of the tender, a small fee will be charged for viewing the full text of current tenders. To view the subscription options, please click here and go to 收费服务.


For further assistance please contact us at